Chook Box Obstacle prompts Netflix to challenge threat warning

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The holidays got creepy quick when Netflix unveiled Bird Box, a Sandra Bullock horror movie that imagines a globe the place absolutely everyone has to go all around donning blindfolds to safeguard on their own from a killer power.

When Bird Box captivated a good deal of A Quiet Place comparisons, the popular post-apocalyptic thriller also sparked a odd viral problem. Social media consumers are publishing photographs and movies of on their own donning blindfolds. Now Netflix needs them to chill.

The Netflix US Twitter account issued a warning on Wednesday, declaring, ‘Can’t believe that I have to say this, but: Be sure to DO NOT Harm YOURSELVES WITH THIS Chook BOX Obstacle. We will not know how this started off, and we value the appreciate, but Boy and Woman have just 1 desire for 2019 and it is that you not conclusion up in the clinic owing to memes.’

Even with the alarm, there are not a good deal of illustrations of disastrous Chook Box Troubles.

One popular video tweet does display a toddler bumping into a wall, but most of the mentions of the problem are centered all around jokes about driving blindfolded or persons remembering the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants the place he pilots a boat blindfolded.

Some persons took a diverse tactic to the problem. ‘Bird Box Obstacle done,’ joked a Twitter user with a questionable username. ‘Made it by the full motion picture with no using off my blindfold.’

Twitter person Kristina Hernandez experienced probably the very best reaction to the Chook Box Obstacle when she posted a video clip of an genuine chicken attacking a cardboard box. ‘The only Chook Box problem that need to exist,’ she wrote.

The Chook Box Obstacle could not increase to identical stages of hysteria as the fantastic Tide Pod Challenge scare of 2018, but any one who attempts it need to consider heed of Netflix’s warning and be thorough when participating in with blindfolds.

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